The eduGAIN family

eduGAIN is a framework of Authorisation, Authentication and Identity (AAI) services that provide users across the research and education community with single-sign-on to thousands of service providers worldwide.

Because eduGAIN is an interfederation service it links the AAI services of Identity Federations around the world to increase the flexibility and reach of these federations.

Built on the eduGAIN foundation are a range of services that leverage secure identity federation for the research and education community.


InAcademia is a simple, one-button online service that allows online merchants to validate if a customer is a student or affiliated to an education institute in another way. It’s a low cost, easy to implement service providing lightening fast, entirely secure validation. InAcademia uses eduGAIN as the basis of its identity authentication process.

To learn more, visit the inAcademia website.


Built on top of eduGAIN, eduTEAMS aims to simplify the management of group and authorisation information. It enables the integration users from a wide range of environment, connecting them to specific services (such as instruments), and also to other generic services such as storage and compute provided by any eInfrastructure provider or even commercial entity.

To learn more, visit the edutTEAMS website.

Support services

To help Identity federations get the most out of their AAI infrastructure and eduGAIN, GÉANT has developed a range of support services:

  • Federation as a Service – designed to support identity federation operators by providing hosted metadata registry toolbox
  • Various supporting tools for federations, identity and service providers available at eduGAIN technical site under the Tools section