Sirtfi is the Security Incident Response Trust Framework for Federated Identity. It coordinates responses to security incidents in a flexible way. Sirtfi uses guidelines and rules to govern incident management affecting Federated Entities, rather than relying on a centralized authority or governance structure. This approach enables responses to always be flexible, proportionate, and to involve the right parties without specific peer-to-peer prior planning.

Federation Operators are critically important to the success of this crucial program, which is supported by the eduGAIN Security Team. By enabling Sirtfi expression in your federation metadata and encouraging and facilitating the adoption of the Sirtfi framework, you will be helping to drive the security and responsiveness of our trusted, collaborative infrastructure. 

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The eduGAIN Security Team strongly recommends the adoption of Sirtfi by Federated Entities, and that Federation Operators facilitate and encourage their members to benefit from the framework. Adopting Sirtfi is the best way to enable federated peers and security teams within and outside eduGAIN to establish trust and share sensitive information with you.