Frequently asked questions

What is an identity federation?

An identity federation is a group of institutions and organisations that sign up to an agreed set of policies for exchanging information about users and resources to enable access to and use of the resources. They provide Web Single Sign On (SSO) to their users so that only one account and password are required.​

What is an NREN?

National Research and Education Network (NREN) organisations provide network connectivity, innovation and services to the research and education communities in their countries. Many identity federations are run by NRENs on the national level.​

What is the purpose of eduGAIN?

The purpose of eduGAIN is to interconnect identity federations and simplify access to content, services and resources for the global research and education community.

Is eduGAIN an organisation?

​No – eduGAIN is not a legal entity that can sign contracts. Federations declare that they adhere to the eduGAIN policy and apply for membership.It is easy to join eduGAIN. The wish is for all federations to join with no changes to their existing policies. To become part of eduGAIN a federation signs the eduGAIN Policy Declaration and presents it to the eduGAIN Operational Team. The OT confirms that the applicant federation fulfils the requirements. Upon approval by the OT, the OT takes the necessary technical steps to register the federation to eduGAIN. For more information, see the Joining Checklist on the eduGAIN service’s technical website.

How can a service or identity provider join eduGAIN?

A service provider can agree to make its services available through eduGAIN, or an identity provider can agree to give its users access to services through eduGAIN, if it is part of a (national) identity federation that is participating in eduGAIN. Each federation has its own policy and / or technical requirements for how service providers and identity providers can achieve this. For an overview of identity federations currently in eduGAIN, visit the eduGAIN membership status page of the service’s technical website. To discover other federations, view the REFEDS map.

Where is eduGAIN available?

The eduGAIN service originated in Europe as part of the GÉANT Project, and so the initial focus was on the GÉANT Service Area. But eduGAIN is intended to work with all federations globally and developments are occurring in various continents. Please see the map of federations on the eduGAIN membership page.

What services can I access through eduGAIN?

Which services are available through eduGAIN depends on the services offered by participating federations. The number of available services will grow as eduGAIN becomes widely adopted and a list will be made available at a later date.​​