eduGAIN Governance is outlined and defined in the eduGAIN Constitution. Governance is currently supported by two groups:

eduGAIN Executive Committee (eEC)

The eduGAIN Executive Committee comprises representatives from organisations that fund eduGAIN operations. As eduGAIN is currently funded by the GN4-3 project, the eduGAIN Executive Committee is the GÉANT Board. Changes to the eEC can be introduced in line with changes to eduGAIN funding models.

The eEC is responsible for ratifying the following decisions made by the eduGAIN Steering Group (eSG).

eduGAIN Steering Group (eSG)

The eduGAIN Steering Group is a body that consists of Member Federations’ representatives and has an oversight role in the eduGAIN service. The eSG is described further in the eduGAIN Constitution. Current membership is list on the eduGAIN technical website.

New Constitution and new governance

On September 2023 the eduGAIN Steering Group has approved a new Constitution for eduGAIN and the Terms of Reference of a new government body, the eduGAIN Steering Committee.

The new constitution and the new governance will become effective from the 1st of January 2024: