Campus IdP

The goal of this activity is to develop supporting services for campus identity providers. Based particularly on findings from AARC, TIER (Internet2) and NREN developments, GÉANT has investigated the possibility of developing a Campus IdP extension to Federation as a Service (FaaS) for those sites and regions that currently do not have the ability to support or offer a cloud IdP type of service to their campuses.

Why Campus IdP?

Researchers and research activities have a need to access protected resources and services such as journals, databases, etc. Federated Identity Management (FIM) facilitates this by enabling researchers to use the same account to access resources from different services and research institutions.

2,200 of a total of about 3,500 known IdPs currently participate in eduGAIN via their federations. GÉANT estimates that GÉANT member NRENs provide a range of services to almost 4,500 Universities, Research Institutes and Further Education institutes alone. This number increases to almost 8,000 taking into account non-GÉANT NRENs, and not including figures from some major countries such as the US. This indicates that a significant number of Institutional IdPs do not participate in eduGAIN and their users are not benefiting from the access provided by eduGAIN interfederation.

While the operators of mature identity federations often have enough knowledge and resources to help IdPs with configuration support and training, or to offer managed services to their IdPs who do not wish to operate their own infrastructure, many other federations still lack the knowledge and/or resources to provide the same level of support to their users.

The objective of Campus IdP is to investigate the opportunities for service development by GÉANT in this area to better support Identity Federations, Institutional IdPs and their users in participating in eduGAIN.

Find out more

For more information on the Campus IdP initiative visit the GÉANT Project wiki.